Larry Kaufman ’66 ’68 ’71

Kaufman-lg.jpgHe Earned 3 Degrees, Now Helps Other Students

Dr. Lawrence G. Kaufman attended Stevens Institute of Technology for 9½ years with the help of scholarships, earning three chemistry degrees and launching a career as a highly successful research chemist. Now he is giving back with one current scholarship and a scholarship fund that will be endowed by his estate.

“I was fortunate to get scholarships throughout my education, including a three-year post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Michigan, and therefore stay in college until I was 29 years old and not come out in debt—and arguably have the best times of my life!” Dr. Kaufman said.

The Lawrence G. Kaufman Term Scholarship provides financial support to a current undergraduate, while the Lawrence G. Kaufman Endowed Scholarship Fund will eventually provide longer-term support.

Dr. Kaufman earned his bachelor’s degree in ’66, playing on the varsity basketball team for one season, received his master’s degree in ’68 and his Ph.D. in ’71. He worked for Union Carbide for a decade before joining ExxonMobil as a lead chemist in product development and marketing, traveling internationally and earning honors for his patent work. Now retired, he lives in Lutz, Florida.



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